White album 2
Japanese ホワイトアルバム2
Genres Drama, Romance, Slice of Life
Duration 23 min. per episode
Rating PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
Aired Oct 6, 2013 to Dec 29, 2013
Episodes 13
Haruki Kitahara, the final member of the light music club that dissolved, plays his guitar by the window after school in preparation for the school festival. It was the one and only adventure of a good student who spent two diligent years on his studies.

But when a flowing piano melody and a voice as a clear as bell harmonize with his guitar… He goes from being alone, to being two, then three in the light music club, as the semester he dreamed of, no, hoped for, began.

Episode ListEdit

No. Title Original air date
1 "White Album" October 5, 2013
2 "Piano and Guitar, Side by Side"
"Tonariawase no Piano to Gitā" (隣り合わせのピアノとギター)
October 12, 2013
3 "The Light Music Club, Together Again"
"Keiongaku Dōkō Kai、Sai Kessei" (軽音楽同好会、再結成)
October 19, 2013
4 "Sound of Destiny" October 26, 2013
5 "Touching Hearts"
"Fureau Kokoro" (触れあう心)
November 2, 2013
6 "Before the Fair"
"Matsuri no Mae" (祭りの前)
November 9, 2013
7 "The Last and Greatest Day"
"Saikō no, Saigo no Hi" (最高の、最後の日)
November 16, 2013
8 "And Winter Finally Begins"
"Yagate Fuyu ga Hajimatte" (やがて冬が始まって)
November 23, 2013
9 "Two Hearts Passing"
"Surechigau Kokoro" (すれ違う心)
November 30, 2013
10 "From When the Snow Melts, To When It Falls Again (Part I)"
"Yuki ga Toke, Soshite Yuki ga Furu Made (Zenpen)" (雪が解け、そして雪が降るまで(前編))
December 7, 2013
11 "From When the Snow Melts, To When It Falls Again (Part II)"
"Yuki ga Toke, Soshite Yuki ga Furu Made (Kōhen)" (雪が解け、そして雪が降るまで(後編))
December 14, 2013
12 "Graduation"
"Sotsugyō" (卒業)
December 21, 2013
13 "A Love That Cannot Be"
"Todokanai Koi" (届かない恋)
December 28, 2013

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