Two Hearts Passing
Episode 9
Japanese Title すれ違う心
Romaji Title Surechigau Kokoro
Airdate November 30, 2013
Theme Music
Opening Todokanai Koi '13' by Rena Uehara
Ending Sayonara no Koto by Rena Uehara
Previous Episode Episode 8
Next Episode Episode 10

Kazusa Starts To Avoid Haruki But Keeps Contact With Setsuna.Setsuna And

Haruki Plans For Setsuna Birthday Party Which Was Comming This Saturday 

14th feb And

Shares The Kiss.Setsuna Informs Haruki About Kazusa Paino Compition

Setsuna Performs Badly In Compition,Haruki Starts To Fall In Love

With Kazusa As He remembers their meeting during the compition 

And Later Meet Haruki And Setsuna

At A Restraurent,Where Satsuna invites Her To the birthday Party.

On Birthday Haruki visits Kazusa House And meets her mother.Kazusa 

mother tell haruki that kazusa will be arriving in narita airport

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