Youko Touma
Kanji 冬馬 曜子
Instrument saxophone
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Game White Album 2 ~Introductory Chapter~
Novel  ?
Anime Episode
Voice Actors
Japanese Rio Natsuki

A famous saxophonist, and currently lives in Paris away from her daughter Kazusa. She's stirred the mass media up as much as an entertainer ever since she was young with her unrestrained lifestyle.


Youko is a very loose, carefree person. She does as she pleases, without much care for the people around her. As shown in the series, Youko leaves Touma in Japan because she feels there is no need to drag a daughter along to Paris. Also, Youko gave birth to Touma illegitimately, going to show how unrestrained she is. 


Kazusa Touma

Touma is Youko's illegitimate daughter. When Touma was young, Youko left her in Japan and moved to Paris, forever ruining the relationship between herself and her daughter. As Touma said, she had always aspired to be as great as her mother, but after her Youko left her by herself in Japan, Touma's dreams disappeared. Youko does not view Touma very highly at all, and she regards her as a petty child. The relationship between mother and daughter is far from friendly, and cold at best.

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